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How To Travel Fast In The City Of NBA 2K23?

How To Travel Fast In The City Of NBA 2K23?

In NBA 2K23 the city has changed a lot, the city has become smaller and at the same time opened up subway stations so that we can travel through the city faster. If you want to get to your destination faster in the city, the best way is to do fast travel, so how do we fast travel in NBA 2K23’s city? Here we will give you a detailed introduction.

The city in NBA 2K23 is a huge sports arena and to get around the city faster we need to use various means of transportation, such as biking and walking. Now we have a better option, here we will introduce you to the way to travel fast in NBA 2K23 using the new means of transportation.

How to travel fast in NBA 2K23?

The new mode of transportation in NBA 2K23 is the subway. Once you are there, select the destination you want to travel to. Finding the travel station is easy; on Xbox, press RB, on PlayStation press RI, and Nintendo Switch press R. Doing so will show you the nearest station to your character. To use it, follow the waypoints.

This feature makes travel instant, which is great because it means players can focus on other high-value activities, allowing us to get more NBA 2K23 MT in the same amount of time. another thing of note is that NBA 2K23’s cities have gotten 30% smaller. This means that routes will be shorter even if you choose to ride a bike or use other transportation.

Fast travel locations in the city of NBA 2K23:

  • North Station
  • Knights Station
  • Arena/One City Plaza
  • Wildcats Station
  • The Block
  • West Mall Station
  • East Mall Station
  • Vipers Station
  • Event Center
  • Beasts Station

These are the ways to travel fast in NBA 2K23, if you don’t want to waste time on the road, then you must know this method.


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